Characterization of antibodies

MAB’Solut offers a panel of characterization tests for your antibodies, standardized or bespoke, in order to meet your project requirements (note that for oncology applications, we can provide several existing established animal models).

In vivo characterization

  • Efficacy in animal models (particularly in oncology – with xenograft models – and in immunity)
  • Toxicity / anatomopathology studies
  • Animals proof of concept

For all other requests about the development of proof of concept to test the efficacy of your antibodies in animals, do not hesitate to contact us; our team of scientists will bring you their expertise.MAB’Solut vous propose un panel de tests de caractérisation pour vos anticorps, standardisés ou sur mesure afin de répondre aux besoins de vos projets (à noter que pour les applications dans le domaine de l’oncologie, nous disposons de plusieurs modèles animaux établis).