Custom modifications

modificationNumerous antibodies modifications can be made by MAB’Solut to obtain efficient solutions in different applications.

Antibody engineering


Coupling or marking an antibody with a molecule of interest can be made with different kind of molecules such as biotin, enzymes, fluorochromes or cytotoxic molecules(ADC).

Chemical fragmentation

  • Fragmentation by papain or ficin, which enables the cutting and releasing of the two Fab fragments
  • Fragmentation by pepsin or ficin, which enables the selection of the Fab’2 fragment


deliverable_bespoke monoclonal antibodies modification

Molecular biology

MAB’Solut also offers other bespoke services for your antibodies:

  • Mutagenesis (construction of mutants data library)- Gene synthesis (codons optimization, Fab fragments…)
  • Subcloning into prokaryotic or eukaryotic expression vectors
  • Transient transfection or development of stable lines- Chimerization / humanization

De nombreuses modifications d’anticorps sont réalisables par MAB’Solut afin d’obtenir des solutions efficaces dans de multiples applications.