MAB’Solut sets up the most suitable immunization protocol, taking into account many factors, such as:

  • The choice of the specie to be immunized
  • The nature and quality of the antigen
  • The choice of adjuvant for immunization
  • The way of administration and the number of injection sites
  • The dose and the schedule of injections

Antigens or haptens are injected several times into the mammal (mouse, rat…), generally by an intra peritoneal route, which leads to the production of plasma cells producing polyclonal antibodies against these antigens or haptens.
We also administer the mixture of antigen and adjuvant to the same site. It increases the immune response, induces higher antibodies synthesis and maintains the stimulation over time.
Depending on the nature of the adjuvant used, two distinct mechanisms can occur:

  1. Prolongation of the duration of the interaction between the antigen and the immune system by forming aggregates as well as a reduction of antigen diffusion
  2. Recruitment and activation of immune cells to induce a high response