In vivo studies

Our highly qualified team continuously conducts experiments in vivo. We offer a full range of standard or custom experiments, particularly for oncology applications for which we have high-performance specific models. Different animal models are available and we can also develop new models.






Animal Facilities


All our in vivo studies are performed at Center for Exploration and Experimental Functional Research (CERFE) located at Genopole ® – Evry.


■ CERFE equipment and facilities


Housing units

  Ventilated racks, isolators

Handling units

  Flow hoods

Automated washing, autoclaving and sterilization equipment

Shared-access lab equipments

  Refrigerators, freezers

  Microbiological safety cabinets, Incubators

  NIKON TE2000 inverted microscope

  Portable anesthesia workstation

  Suction table for perfusion

  Weighing scales

Equipments in shared access technical platforms:

  Treadmill calorimetric measurement system

  Actimetry platform

▪  IVIS Xenogen fluorescence / bioluminescence imaging systems

  MS9-5 cells counting system


■ CERFE agreement , certification 


Agreement n° B 91 228 107

ISO 9001: 2008 certified